Haifa Municipality
חיפה תכניות
חיפה תכניות
חיפה תכניות

Projects Description

A.Y.G.L  is the sole consultant of the Environmental Department of the Haifa Municipality (300,000 citizen) since 1999.

During this period, Avraham Jacob prepared many consulting documents for the department including:

Tenders for the operation of the transfer station and the disposal of MSW
"At source" sorting Containing and Collection Systems.
Master plan for Transfer, Recycling and Disposal Operations of MSW of Haifa

In 2000 A.Y.G.L prepared plans and specifications documents for upgrading the existing transfer station of  Haifa that was constructed by Veolia.

In 2006 A.Y.G.L prepared for the Financial Company of Haifa a tender for a Sorting Facility that was not erected.

In 2013 A.Y.G.L prepared for the Municipality a tender for a Sorting and Recycling Facility including  Anaerobic Process for the organic meaterias.  The tender was not implemented so far.

In 2015 A.Y.G.L prepared  a new tender for the upgrading the existing transfer facility in an enclosed building. The building was erected and is being operated since 2016.