Petach Tikva City
petach tikva city
petach tikva city
petach tikva city
petach tikva city
petach tikva city

Projects Description

Petach Tikva city: MSW sorting & recycling facility 180,000 tpy

In 1992 A.Y.G.L prepared for the RAMNIR Ltd detailed design and construction permit documents for a Sorting and Transfer  Facility in Segula Landfill of Petach Tikva Municipality .

The project required the removal of some 20% of the landfill waste and stabilization of sub-grade.   The facility contained a reception pit with a crane and grab, trommel,  a manual sorting building and metal separation, two large compactors and infrastructure. This was the first sorting facility in Israel.

In 1995 A.Y.G.L design another 15% of the Segula landfill to enable the construction of temporary wastewater concrete ponds. The waste was hauled to an another adjacent  landfill and it was rehabilitated according A.Y.G.L design.

In 2008  A.Y.G.L designed for the Israeli Railways Authority the shifting of the entrance to the Sorting Facility to enable the construction of a bridge over the railway aligned near by.

In 2011 A.Y.G.L started the investigation for rehabilitation of the Segula landfill and a preliminary design was prepared.

In 2013 A.Y.G.L prepared the technical specifications and detailed drawing for an enclosed new Sorting and Transfer Facility.

During those years A.Y.G.L has assisted the Municipality to receive the permit for the new Sorting and Transfer Facility. The condition  for the approval is to start to rehabilitate the Segula Landfill.

A.Y.G.L is preparing nowadays (2017) detailed design and a tender of the rehabilitation of the landfill as a metropolitan park.