Projects Description

In the late '90 . A.Y.G.L designed general design for the rehabilitation of the Municipality Landfill.

In 2001-2002 A.Y.G.L prepared for VEOLIA detailed design of a Sorting and Transfer  Facility in the northern part of the Landfill.

In 2009 A.Y.G.L was engaged by the Municipality to upgrade the facility and its equipment and operations and the facility is receiving nowadays (2017) 500 tpd of MSW wood trimmings and packages.

In 2015 A.Y.G.L was awarded to design a C&D Recycling Plant. Nowadays (2017) the plant is under construction. A.Y.G.L prepared for the Municipality a tender for the operation of the plant.

In 2017 A.Y.G.L Was engaged by the Municipality to design the preparation of the landfill site for the construction of the depot for trains of two lines of the light train system of TEL AVIV Zone, some 60 acres.


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