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A.Y.G.L. Handasah Veyeutz (2002) is a multi-disciplinary consulting company, and offers a complete and integrated range of consulting, project management and engineering design services mainly in the field of solid waste engineering & management and environmental engineering

A.Y.G.L is dedicated to providing its clientele with timely, high quality, cost effective solutions to waste management related problems, and according to local and international regulations, terms, standards and requirements.

A.Y.G.L. is based in Israel, and its team of professionals have a broad range of experience in design and project management in developing countries.

A.Y.G.L  company is well experienced in supplying the most compatible and reliable solutions within limits relatively small budgets and simple operation and maintenance, when it is required.

A.Y.G.L  company is supplying comprehensive engineering design services including permitting plans and documents, environmental survey and assessment documents , building permit, architectural and construction design, electro-mechanical systems and equipments selection, all infrastructure design including electricity and control and MMI systems, landscape design.

A.Y.G.L. Company and its professionals have a distinguished share in the “Waste Management Revolution” process in Israel during the last decades, and hold outstanding professional achievements in this field.

A.Y.G.L Handasah Veyeutz (2002) Ltd was established by P.E Avraham Jacob (MSc) in 2002.

Avraham Jacob started Solid Waste Engineering freelance consulting activities in 1989. Since then and until 2002 Avraham Jacob was the leader of other consulting and engineering companies in Israel and Romania.


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